Reference Materials


The following people and/or Organizations have helped me change my life and/or trained me to help you change yours. I am incredibly thankful to each and every one of them and the gifts they have offered the people on our planet.

Tapas Fleming
Creator & teacher of the Tapas Acupressure Technique [TAT] and author “You can Heal your Life.” Contact her at:

Harry Palmer
Creator of the Avatar programs and author of several books including: Living Deliberately. Contact Avatar at: for the purchase of the books or courses available in your area or to choose an Avatar Master to do your course with. Harry says: When we perceive that the only difference between us is our beliefs and that beliefs can be created or dis-created with ease, the right and wrong game will wind down.

Other Authors & organizations that have helped me and can probably also help you on your path to becoming the YOU that you dream of are:

Dr. Wayne Dyer
Various books, CD’s, & DVD’s and programs

Don Miguel Ruiz
4 Agreements & other CD’s, & DVD’s

Louise L. Hay
Various books, CD’s, & DVD’s

Deepak Chopra, M.D.
Various books, CD’s, & DVD’s & programs

Neil Donald Walsh
Conversation with God books & Others

Alcoholics Anonymous & other 12 Step Programs

Melody Beattie
Various books on co-dependence

The Secret book, CD, & DVD

Mike Dooley
TUT, and various books & programs