Order Readings


Please review your life for areas you feel need to be cleared, and make a brief list of issues. Here are some suggestions you may want to review:

Present life crises: major negative issues and people or places involved. Example: 2 divorces

Health problems: any phobias, allergies or past, present, persistent, or recurring physical difficulties. Examples: fear of falling, claustrophobia, allergic to strawberries, back pain

Finances, career, and creativity: challenges, current and repeated cycles blocking your prosperity. Examples: bankruptcy, and I live from payday to payday

Relationships: persistent or long standing difficult relations with parents, siblings, mate, children, boss or others. Examples: fight with wife, upset with son, hate my boss, and haven’t spoken to my mother for 39 years.

Esteem: confidence and self-image status, recurring emotional difficulties or addictions. Example: panic attacks, low self-esteem, shy

A concise list helps.

If you choose, please email it to: marge@angelsblessing.us for your appointment.

She will then be able to find out how many sessions it will take to do your list, and the cost before we proceed or if you prefer, you can just choose an amount of time and the angels will clear the most important items on your list. The work is then done with the angels.

Thank you.