Angel Readings


Each of us has belief systems that we have adopted. A few ways we set up belief systems or creations are:

Sometimes we can set up a whole collection of beliefs that act as evidence to prove to ourselves and/or to other people that something like ‘x’ is unquestionably true. This collection of beliefs can then turn into an experience that is persistent and/or we can even be insistent about it in our lives. All of those beliefs become a big ball or a mass. And as a result, we continue to experience those things because we are seeing the world through those filters. That insistence and persistence then perpetuates that symptom of having, being, or doing “x.”

Other creations we set up for ourselves, consciously or unconsciously are limitations, patterns, blocks, programs, projections, assumptions, creations within or attached to other creations, and issues to mention a few.

An “angel reading” uncovers these creations that you put in place, whether in this life time or some other time, space or dimension. Then the angels clear and remove those things for you by eliminating the root, the root cause and the trauma that occurred for all. Then the angels do the forgiveness work and blessings for all. Then either they or you select something positive to put in that space, so you can now experience what you prefer.

We call this entire process an Angel’s Blessing.